Simple, Reliable & Cost Effective

Batteries and cables are unnecessary which significantly reduces maintenance costs, eliminates battery waste and ensures reliable operation even during power cuts.

Access rights are easily controlled using iLOQ Manager software. Administrators can view up-to-date information on the keys, locks and access rights within the system to ensure the highest level of security at all times.

Smooth, Smart and Secure Access

Ideal for utility providers (such as power production and distribution companies, telecom network services and data centers) and property services, iLOQ S50 gets the power needed to confirm access rights and open locks from a smartphone.

iLOQ S5 enables device-to-device communication. This allows a vast amount of data to be remotely updated and then shared between readers, keys and locks in a building. Data is updated every time a door is opened.  

iLOQ S50 NFC Access Control Solution

Types of Locks

Unlimited access possibilities

The iLOQ 5 Series conveniently lets you choose what ‘key’ you want to use; an iLOQ S5 digital key, an iLOQ S50 NFC-enabled mobile phone key (iOS or Android), a fob, a tag or even a PIN code

Smarter administration

This eliminates the need to manually import or export data to locks and keys on site, minimizes the expenditure associated with system wiring and drives down lifecycle costs.

State-of-the-art security

Access rights to lost, stolen or unreturned keys can be quickly and easily blocked maximizing security while minimizing administrative work and costs.

Streamlined operations

Allows integration with modern information-sharing and booking systems and customer personal databases.

Single Key saves Dollars

Single iLoq systems can save having to rekey an entire locking system when a mechanical key was lost. No more rekeying.

Key can have PIN Code

Enable PIN activation and verification for each eCLIQ key. Keyholder has to enter their PIN code in the CLIQ CONNECT App prior to using thier key.