Data Centres


Whether in the food manufacturing business, the service business of a complex nature and a large scale, or any other sector, there are factors unique to your situation that need to be constantly monitored and properly managed using a functional and adequate infrastructure.

We are able to provide a high level of expertise in reviewing your situation, discover, document, and validate the characteristics unique to you, your business and your organization, and ensure that we align our solution to those objectives. We would be delighted to be given the opportunity to help you achieve success.

security for industrial and commercial

Industrial and Commercial

Enhance customer safety, save time and protect assets with IP video and access control. Use built-in video intelligence to trigger alarms based on problematic behavior (loitering, motion, person laying on ground, etc).

If you manage multiple properties, remotely monitor their internal and external conditions from any location and inspect if vendors have fulfilled their obligations (snowplowing, landscaping, repairs, etc.)

Enable video analytics to notify you in advance of you clientele arrival with our license plate recognition technology. Conversely, the system can alert security to undesirable visitors. Monitor traffic to reduce congestion and improve queuing times.

utilities solar electrical


The constant pressure to “Keep the Lights ON”, alonside the endless and enormous challenges faced by Utilities remains daunting for Business Owners/Operators.

We can help optimize your time and efforts by creating and deploying a new security infrastructure plan adapted to specific requirements such as yours, with smart tools to control access to a multitude of road gates, utility rooms and closets, and eliminate the requirement to manage locks and keys, now and for ever.

cellular tower on a mountain


As if ever possible, the Telecommunications Industry has become an even more competitive business than before: stakes are high to keep the market lead, making vital the ability to maintain the best level of service.

In addition to colossal efforts needed to maintain a network of communication facilities throughout a vast territory, such as cellular towers, preventing criminals from gaining access to such critical facilities has become a focus point as well a national security concern.

We offer customized solutions to secure your access control network, eliminate locksmith costs virtually entirely, and help optimize your working labour by eliminating access delays.

data center servers

Data Centres

For most people unfamiliar with this, Data Centres mean little: they work in the background and most often, we don’t know where they even are.

But once you factor in their mandates and requirements, Data Centres are true beasts. The level of criticality of your Data Centre, driven by your purpose and your mandate, will dictate the complexity of your infrastructure, and directly impact your costs.

We have a strong background in Information Technology with a strong record of successful achievements. We would be delighted to help you maximize your efforts in creating a technological infrastructure that is sound, cost effective and precisely scaled to your needs, from advanced security systems and services, to any other technological infrastructure support.