CCTV Systems


Access Control

Intrusion Alarms &



Security Locks

Integrated CCTV Systems

With our advanced high-definition video analytic
algorithms, license plate recognition, WeSecure provides excellent indoor and perimeter protection for your assets as local system or as cloud-based system based on your needs.

Intrusion Alarms and Monitoring

We provide professional ULC (Underwriters’ Laboratories of Canada) commercial monitoring systems to protect your business against the risk of a security breach, unauthorized access or even the failure of critical conditions, backed up by 24/7 support.

Innovative Access Control

Ranging from building-level to remote locations at a national level, WeSecure offers fully integrated systems that can control access to multiple entry points, at one or more locations in combination with video surveillance cameras or any other relevant system or solution, such as body temperature control.

Smart Locks

Future-proof master keys and locks that are electronically controlled to provide access control functionality like audit trails, scheduling, grant and revoke access, centralize permission management system, all that without the need for any source of power at the door(s).