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eCLIQ is a wireless, high-security key and lock Access & Control solution. Controlled by web-based software each eCLIQ Bluetooth Key contains the access rights to eCLIQ door locks. physical access with remote management and control capabilities. eCLIQ allows you to communicate with your entire locking system through micro-technology that is embedded into cylinders and keys.

eCLIQ provides the benefits of access control, combined with all of the benefits and security of a physical key system – giving you a flexible and modern way of managing access to a door.

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Secure Remote Access in your Pocket

Introducing the CLIQ CONNECT Mobile app for iOS or Android. The WeSecure eCLIQ BLE Key is paired with the App and provides updates Lock Access, Scheduling, Audit Trails, PIN code, during a single Bluetooth session anywhere in the world.

Every WeSecure eCLIQ Cylinder Lock is completely electronic and will operate in environments of -40C to +55C. eCLIQ Cylinders do not have battieries. The eCLIQ key provides power and crytpgraphic access to the lock when inserted. 

eCLIQ Key & Cilinder

A completely Electronic Key and Lock Solution

Disable any Key

Each WeSecure eCLIQ Bluetooth key has a validity or expiry date. A key will retain its Access privileges to eCLIQ cylinders as determined by eCLIQ admins. Loose a key, no problem, disable it easily or let it expire (erased).

Access Schedules

Control time of day access to any eCLIQ Lock cylinder. Limit access to rooms, doors, padlocks, equipment by time of day. Simply edit the eCLIQ Key schedule in CLIQ Web Manager. Limit lock access by time is just a few cliqs away

Access Audit Trail

Imagine having access to eCLIQ lock entry data. Each eCLIQ Key extracts Access date, time and what eCLIQ lock cylinder was accessed. Create Audit Trail reports through CLIQ Web Manager. Know who, when and what time.

Access many locks

Each eCLIQ key can have Access to many eCLIQ Lock cylinders. eCLIQ admins can authorize Access to several hundred eCLIQ lock cylinders. Easily enable or disable eCLIQ cylinder access from CLIQ Web Manager portal.

Single Key saves Dollars

Single eCLIQ Keys can save having to rekey an entire locking system when a mechanical key was lost. No more rekeying. Key lost? Disable its Access rights to all the eCLIQ lock cylinders it has access too. Eliminate rekeying.

Fits Anywhere

The compact eCLIQ locking cylinder has the highest level of security. With an extensive range of different cylinder types, the system is designed for every kind of use, from the company entrance gate, to securing the alarm systems, lift doors and cabinets.

How eCLIQ will look on your door