Modular, scalable access control systems

Access control is critical to the safety and security of any building or business. Compared with traditional mechanical keys, access control systems are less of a hassle to manage and offer greater protection. You can easily make sure that only the right people unlock the right doors at the right times, without any keys to track or manage. Access to private offices, server rooms, equipment stores, elevators, or car parks becomes simple to filter with electronic access control. Lost or misplaced keys are no longer a management headache — or a threat to your building’s security. When an employee leaves, you simply cancel their key-card or mobile credential. You don’t have to waste any more time on handovers or changing locks at your expense.

  • Increase its security level and improve workflows 
  • Reduce capital expenditure and operational costs 
  • Open the doors to new return on investment opportunities

How it works

The SMARTair solution is built around three main elements:

SMARTair benefits

access control



Time-saving key & user management​

Intuitive software that makes management simple

Advanced customization capabilities